Reciprocal Portraiture

Reciprocal Portraiture

My ten year-old will be eleven next month. Recently, she’s shown interest in my cameras. She’s always been an active photographer—with a Nintendo DS, an iPod touch, and an old Coolpix when we’ve traveled. But lately, she’s been interested in the big guns—my D7000 and Minolta X–700.

We were out in the backyard last weekend, airing out one of our tents in preparation for some spring camping. Late in the day, she asked if she could use my Nikon to shoot some of the flowers and other things that she found interesting.

Before she got started, I gave her some quick tips about framing and depth of field with the Nikon and 50mm lens. And we took a shot of each other to get started and check our work. Reciprocal portraiture.

I liked the results so much that I think I’d like to do this more often. Here’s Abbey, shot by me. And me, shot by Abbey.


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