Where Are You Tweeting?

A 24-Hour Snapshot of Twitter Client Usage in my Tweet Stream

Wordle: A 24-Hour Snapshot of Twitter Client Usage in my Tweet Stream

I know what my Tweeps are doing, but how are they updating and sharing information? This Wordle visualizes data for the use of several different Twitter clients over a random 24-Hour period (2:45 P.M. MST 2/16 to 2:45 P.M. MST 2/17) for the 60 folks I followed during that time (many of whom didn't update).

Interestingly, simply using twitter.com is the preferred method in this sample (107 updates), with TweetDeck a close second (73). Also interesting is the fact that a couple of high volume users accounted for the majority of TweetDeck posts, while the web interface showed broader application across many different users (some of whom used multiple channels besides the web alone). And despite the eary popularity of Twhirl, this admittedly small sample provides evidence for the ascendance of TweetDeck as a replacement for Twhirl.

For more information, feel free to see who I followed for this sample of Twitter clients at my
Twitter homepage.

Total stats: web (107) TweetDeck (73) twhirl (21) txt (7) twitterfeed (4) HootSuite (3) TwitterFon (2) TwitterFox (2) mobileweb (2) Ping.fm (1) TwitterTools (1) twitterific (1) Loopt (1) Twittelator (1) Tweetree (1) Twuffer (1)


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