Readings 3.22--3.29

A few holdovers from last week, and a few additions. First, the stuff I'm still working through:

The Hyperlinked Society ~ I'm not reading every chapter of this edited collection, though I do plan to tackle several, including those by Marc Smith, David Weinberger, and Lada Adamic.

Everyware ~ I shelved this one for a bit last week... Interestingly, Greenfield maintains a public account on Twitter, and yesterday made an interesting prediction:

Convergence Culture ~ I also shelved Jenkins in the middle of last week, in favor of Conley and Berlin.

On to the additions:

"Conversation at a Crucial Moment: Hybrid Courses and the Future of Writing Programs" ~ Catherine Gouge, WVU, in the most recent issue of College English.

Incompleteness ~ I'm returning to this piece as a bookend to research on recursion theory.

De La Mettrie's Ghost: The Story of Decisions ~ Another in recursion theory and associative thinking.

iBrain: Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind ~ Like Conley last week, this is a popular work at the intersection of my research interests. I'm interested to see how rigorously supported the arguments will be, and whether this is something that will be useful for future researchers.


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