App Quality Control

Flipboard for iPad certainly looks interesting. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Flipboard buckled spectacularly after its App Store launch under the strains of tech media hype. A quick update to the app changed the protocol for signup to help deal with the strain—would-be users now must wait in line to enable Twitter and Facebook connections. I dutifully "reserved" my place in the queue.

Honestly, I'm not all that crazy about Flipboard in the first place. It essentially remediates the paradigm of the page (like oh so many digital reading applications), taking something fairly novel (like a Twitter timeline) and turning it into something not-novel—a magazine-like interface.

But all of this is really beside the point. I have no axe to grind with Flipboard. I just want to know that when I download an app from the App Store or the Android Market that said app will, um, work. That it doesn't work just yet is frustrating. So I was happy to have received some hope in my inbox this afternoon:

But alas, it seems that Flipboard's new queue system doesn't even work:

The good news? At least it was a free app...


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