Welcome to El Paso

We just moved. I met a guy today who claims that Eureka California is the most beautiful place he's ever been to. I mentioned how I am somewhat partial to the state of Oregon. I lived there for almost 8 years, and I believe the state has just about everything there is to offer. Anyhow, he mentioned the forest jutting out to meet the sea, the fishing boats drifting out early in the morning, with the fog rolling in, the redwoods. He made some good points. But these things are relative. Why did he want to argue about what's more beautiful? We each have attributes that we find appealing. I like Oregon, dammit, and Eureka might as well be in Oregon anyhow.

So we've got a new house and we have unbelievable neighbors. I told my wife that either we have Stepford-like neighbors who are warming us up with niceties before they chop us up, or we just have the coolest people living on our street. James (next door) helped fix my washing machine hose, helped me fix the back faucet, and gave me a pair of vise grips to use in the future. His wife Tina baked greek lasagna for us. Carolyn down the street made some fantastic coffee cake. We are enjoing our house, although there are some things that need attention. The best thing, however, is that the kids can play in the yard, there's no thugs living on our street, and the people seem happy to be alive.


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