On a Lighter Note...

The Onion is classic.

In 1999,
this business model would have received some serious venture capital funding. Investment banks and brokerage firms would have been chomping at the bit, eager to rush this internet startup to IPO. Alternatively, it's funny, and it would be good fodder for the new self-depracating Etrade advertising campaign.

And how great is
Celebrity Boxing? Now that is high quality entertainment. I'm not kidding. That is the funniest, most entertaining thing on televesion. It's worse than a car wreck. It's despicable in nature, abhorrent in premise and a pop-cultute low.

I can't wait til Celebrity Boxing 3. I will watch this trash every time it's on, and I'll love every minute of it. My only lament is that I forgot it was on, was out schooling my neighbors on my basketball hoop, and rushed in during the second round of the Manute/Fridge fight. I completely missed Darva Conger bully that ancient elfin gymnast.

Even worse, I didn't see
Screech TKO(!) that winy, frail Horshack. How do you TKO a guy during a fight that's staged in three 1-minute (90 second?) rounds? Screech rules!


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