I've been on a bit of a technology surge lately.

I bought a 20g Dell DJ back around Christmas, was given a new Latitude Laptop at work (and kept my old Latitude), recently made an impulse purchase and scooped up an iPod Shuffle (for the gym), and completed the splurge this last week with a new Dell Inspiron 700m (4lbs) with wireless capability and a Netgear wireless hub.

I'm out back right now, writing this post on a balmy, slightly breezy El Paso evening. I realize that many have already gone wireless, but a recent trip back east prompted my move once and for good. The hotel that I stayed at offered only wireless internet access, leaving me hanging for several days.

As I survey my recent technological additions, I almost make myself sick. We probably will not be making any other purchases for at least a couple of years. My desktop is solid, my mp3 players will hang tough for some time, and my laptop situation is, well, ridiculous.

There are several reasons for the recent laptop purchase, not the least of which is the difficulty of traveling with my 10+ pound Latitude and a planned family trip to Oregon in July.

Voila, I've got a portable dvd player, wireless internet access, MMJB, games for the kids, etc., on a nice little 4 pound machine.


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