"What's Human Contact?"

I arrived home last week to find a small, white envelope, addressed to me by hand, with the return address of my brother-in-law. The writing didn't look like his, though; more likely it was from his wife. Now, it's not my birthday, and Father's day is still a few weeks off, so this was puzzling. I turned it over, only to see the following inscription:

"Snail Mail Rocks."

Very puzzling indeed. Inside was the following note:

Hmmm, so my California quasi-kin thinks that perhaps I would enjoy some insights on the "downfall of society." This must be good...

And there's the punchline. "What's human contact?" Naturally, I did what any sane and sensible, technologically and culturally aware person would: I chuckled, shook my head at the care and time V. took to send this note "the old-fashioned way," then digitized it, marked it up, created a blogpost, and shared a link via tweet.


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