Fall Syllabi

It's that time of year once again, when the heat of summer dissipates into crisp fall evenings and the trees gain shape by losing shape, molting brilliantly colored leaves which fall into the paths of so many university students on so many campuses around the world. Marching bands will march, coffee will be consumed, and my students will scratch their heads for a few weeks...

In the time-honored tradition of my field, I make available to any and all the syllabi and course calendars from which my students will teach me and teach one another. There is some overlap, yes, but the two courses, despite the apparent similarity of the deliverables, will end up in very different places in just a few weeks. Comments and suggestions are warmly appreciated.


Matt said...

Thanks so much for pointing me to your syllabi, Brian -- these classes look great! I appreciate the fact that you've shared them with me . . . and with the world.

Casey McArdle said...

way to keep it to one file - much appreciated

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