[ Finding Grooves ] Conversations + Spreadable Media

I gave a talk last week (3.26.10) at the Center for Media Design, responding to previous presentations about two of Ball State's most successful immersive learning programs, iMedia and SportsLink. This year, the CMD has sponsored research talks from Emerging Media Faculty Fellows, and more recently, presentations about our innovative immersive learning opportunities for undergraduates.

Brad King and I have been engaged in learning about both iMedia and SportsLink, and our backchannel conversations about opportunities for using social media platforms to extend SportsLink's brand resulted in an invitation for each of us to share those ideas with the university community last week.

I had a lot of fun with this talk, and worked from a looser script than I'm used to. Both talks fostered some great discussions, and I think we're all really invested in seeing these programs develop and prosper. Below is a screencast of my talk; as always, I welcome questions and feedback!


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