A Look at Yahoo! Meme

Yahoo's recent struggles to remain relevant have been well documented, from upheaval in executive management to the significant search deal with Microsoft's Bing. As a long-time Flickr user, I've never been particularly happy with Yahoo. Under Yahoo! ownership, Flickr has arguably regressed as social networks have burgeoned all around them.

Earlier this year, Yahoo! rolled out a new service called Meme in a Portuguese-only version, a move described at the time as akin to a Twitter 'Clone'. I recently received an invite for the service's English-language rollout. Early impressions? It's very cool--lighter than Tumblr, more functional than Twitter. I've created a screencast with some initial thoughts, comparisons, and a brief demo...


Antonio Carlos Silveira said...

Cool post, and here you can see Meme's API available with YQL, it uses a SQL like syntax. Like to get you info I can do the following query:
SELECT * FROM meme.info WHERE name='bmcnely;

and to get all your posts I can do:
SELECT * FROM meme.posts WHERE owner_guid IN (SELECT guid FROM meme.info WHERE name='bmcnely');

Take a look: http://bit.ly/UWeEr

Brian J. McNely said...


Thanks so much for this info! For readers familiar with SQL, this will be very helpful!

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